ICN Golden Rule Global Endorsement

iChange Nations™ Golden Rule Standard-Bearer

People Treatment Global Endorsement Program


Greetings! We would like to present to you our ICN Special Golden Rule Standard-Bearer Global Endorsement. 

We would like to offer you the prestigious ICN Golden Rule Standard-Bearer Global Endorsement. You are pre-qualified for this endorsement as an ICN award holder and you have added value to the world through the message of the Golden Rule.

            Because of the Global influence of iChange Nations™ around the world we have created this endorsement package for you. We recognize the importance of spreading the message of the Golden Rule and Golden Rule people treatment around the globe and your efforts are making this happen. As we place our global endorsement upon your work we recognize that our influence will increase your influence around the world and enable you accomplish more to help mankind.

We encourage you to become an endorsed iChange Nations™ Golden Rule Standard-Bearer and allow us to help you push the message of Golden Rule People treatment to the world, higher and broader.

Contact Dr. Robin Lococo at ichangenations.robinlococo@aol.com for endorsement details and application. Thank you.