Global Golden Rule Business

iChange Nations Global Golden Rule Business 

iChange Nations™ is proud to introduce Global Golden Rule Business™. ICN is looking to establish Golden Rule Business Ethics around the world. We are engaging in setting a standard of humanitarian work ethics to better business dealings and integrity in business globally.
iChange Nations™ and Dr. Clyde Rivers work globally in 120 nations. Local is now global, thus making the world more accessible. We are bringing Global Golden Rule Business™ to governments, businesses and education arenas to show the world a new culture of conducting honorable business.
The business leg of ICN Global Golden Rule Business™ involves funding (sponsorship), advertisement for
business sponsors, creating education and the Culture of Honor – one of the main stays of iChange Nations™. We are setting a standard of good business ethics that are in line with the principle of the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”
Governments and businesses will be honored for representing this guiding principle in their work.
We are looking to present ICN Global Golden Rule Business™ in Newport, Oregon, having Newport be a
base of honor and project planning operations on a yearly basis. This invitation will be extended to our
global business networks. Newport will also have the ability to create an honor award in the name of ICN
Global Golden Rule Business™ – Newport, Oregon.
iChange Nations™ has formed a Global Golden Rule Business™ – Business Advisory Network that will
represent the multiple nations involved. We are also creating a training model of education in the form of a booklet. This will contain outlines, submitted by selected GR businesses,   regarding business ethics
that have been found successful in creating their Golden Rule Businesses. This will be a piece that will be used to educate and exemplify ICN Global Golden Rule Business™ around the world.
Dr. Clyde Rivers is the Founder and President of IChange Nations™ a professional institution that builds Statesmen by equipping, mentoring and training highly esteemed individuals who have the desire to change nations throughout the world. Dr. Rivers and his organization is in 120 nations and is seeking to bring global awareness by strategically helping nations to educate, train and support the Nation Building
process designed to improve the dignity and betterment of human life. iChange Nations™ is the largest,
“Creating Cultures of Honor” organization in the world. Honoring is one of the pillars of the culture of
iChange Nations™ as well as Golden Rule Dialogue, of which Dr. Rivers is the leading expert.

Dr. Clyde Rivers and Dr. Donella Pitzl pictured w/
Michael Sherreitt, Paul Lopez, Paul Martinson, Chris Carlson,
Hans Goplan, John Conklin, Diana Ruddiman, Erika Corette, Marilyn Smith
not pictured, Mai Shearer, Matt Pitzl, Howard Adams, Ryan Bancroft,
Cyndi O’Neill-Dady, Dr. Gregory Herkert, Jack Zinda,
Mike Dean, Scot Waggonor, John Robinson, Mike Pitzl

iChange Nations™ Global Golden Rule Business Initiative Launch

In Newport, Oregon March 3, 2018 iChange Nations™ launched the first of its kind, the Global Golden Rule Business Initiative. Honoring local community businesses for their Golden Rule ethics in business. Recognizing local businesses for their great business ethics is at the forefront of a movement ICN is initiating to bring the culture of honor to communities around the world.

iChange Nations™ believes that honoring, where honor is due, changes the atmosphere of communities, regions and nations. Newport will become a template to give all small communities a model of how honor changes a community. Showing that honor inspires others to accomplish a greater level of integrity and service to their community. This in turn betters the life of the community and its residents.

Among the businesses honored in this first Golden Rule Business Honor Event were businesses in the construction trades, restaurants, storage, health and vitamins, an Asian Market, hotel, CPA, Dental Care and more. Showing that all communities have a plethora of businesses that contribute to the life of a community and that many work hard and need recognition for their contribution to their communities. ICN knows that by honoring businesses that are exemplifying Golden Rule Ethics, they are taking their place in a global responsibility. The local is now global and does affect the world around us. Dr. Rivers plans on seeing this template reach the world, propagating the Golden Rule Culture of Honor in businesses that originated out of Lincoln County, Oregon. The Local businessmen Mike Dean, John Robinson, Mike Pitzl and Scot Waggnor were the initiators of this movement with ICN out of Lincoln County.