“We Honor Ambassadors and Build Statesman”




Honor Systems: We are committed to bringing back the lost art of honor by building a Culture of Honor that recognizes individuals throughout the world who have exemplified extraordinary humanitarian efforts to effectively change nations. We honor people and organizations that believe every life is valuable and is created to bring a contribution to the world. ICN is the largest “building cultures of honor” network in the world.


Statesman Training: Statesman Training is a learning system through personal training that is dedicated to building you as a future world-changer, assisting you in establishing your mission for life. This will allow you to enter into the nation-building process as a competent world leader.



 Golden Rule Dialogue Chambers: Golden Rule Dialogue Co-Creating Chambers seek to influence the communities of the world through Golden Rule, civil and honorable dialogue. Our Co-Creating Chambers use Golden Rule Dialogue and diverse perspectives to help move your organization forward.


The Expected Outcomes of GRD:

  • Learn from the diverse perspectives of others
  • Gain more knowledge to build better systems and make more efficient and effective decisions for your organization



      Contact Dr. Donni Pitzl:

drrivers.worldwide@gmail.com  2016